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Animals, Plants and Marine Life

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  • Animal Resources-Red Hot & New-Informational topics include Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Animal Training at Sea World, Baleen Whales,Beluga Whales , Biodiversity Birds of Prey, Bony Fishes, Bottlenose Dolphins, Clydesdales, Corals and Coral Reefs, Endangered Species, Gorillas, Key West Animals, Killer Whales, Manatees, Nature At Risk, Penguins, Polar Bears, Sea Turtles, Sea World Song Book, Sharks and Their Relatives, Tigers, Tropical Forests, Walruses, and Zoological Park Careers...

  • Encyberpedia's BirdsBird links from around the world including the Audubon Society, National Birding Hotline Cooperative, American Birding Association, The Raptor Center, Red-winged Blackbird, Black Tern Spotted Owl, Gyrfalcon Odd Bird, Art and Photographs and much more.
  • Encyberpedia's Cats-Everything you wanted to know about cats and more. If you want cats, you'll find them here.

  • Encyberpedia's Dogs-Links to 2000 Dog Names, A Tribute Older Dogs, Adopt a Greyhound, American Trainers, Dog Rescue, Canine Companions , Dog Training, Deaf Dogs Page, Canine Lover's Site, Term Glossary, and a lot more!
  • Encyberpedia's Dinosaurs,Fossils & Geology-Everything you wanted to know about Dinosaurs and Fossils. This monstrous site includes links to gifs, dictionaries, fossils, What Is a Dinosaur, Geologic Ages of Earth History, Paleontology, and much, much more.

  • Encyberpedia's Plants-Everything you wanted to know about Plants..
  • Endangered and Extinct Species Lists -Red Hot & New-Much of the information here originates from the US Fish and Wildlife Service but has been formatted for WWW by EE-Link. EE-Link has a large collection of information on endangered species, both on our own server and through links to other Internet sites. Our goal in building endangered species resources is to provide enough depth on this one topic so that students can find complex and interesting (but understandable) answers to basic questions about this environmental issue.

  • The Electronic Zoo -Red Hot & New-This site is packed with links to information about animals of all types. Have a question about a sick pet? Look up Veterinary Services or click on over to NetVet, a sister home page. Learn everything there is to learn about amphibians, birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, horses, pigs, and invertebrates. Join mailing lists and newsgroups about animals. Then, get the latest news about your favorite animal by checking out one or two of the many on-line magazines featured here.

  • Fish Link Central -Red Hot & New- The Internet's Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites....Fish and visitors don't smell in three days here!

  • The Kangaroo Page - The kangaroo is an animal that is considered a pest in spite of it's endangered species status. The main reason that kangaroos are considered pests is that in addition to eating the grass, the kangaroo also eats the roots. Thus, a large herd of kangaroos can destroy a field in a very short time.

  • Sea World, Inc. Animal Bytes -Red Hot & New- were specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some of the unique creatures found in the animal kingdom. Each file includes their scientific classification, fun facts, and biological value. Contents includes African lion, aldabra tortoise, American alligator, bald eagle, bats, Bengal tiger, black rhinoceros, bottlenose dolphin, California sea lion, carpet python, chimpanzee, dromedary, camel, giraffe, gorilla ,Grevy's zebra, hippopotamus, killer whale, lemur parrot, penguin, rat snake, sea otte, shark, South American ornate horned frog vampire, bat walrus and warthog
  • The Institute of Cetacean Research (I.C.R.), a unique organization in Japan specializing in the biological and social sciences related to whales, came into being in October 1987. It is a nonprofit research organization whose legal status is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of Japan, as a foundational judicial person. Welcomes you to join our home page. Here you will enrich your knowledge of whales, in the fields of natural and social sciences

  • WhaleNet -Red Hot & New- Welcome to the WhaleNet website. Focusing on whales and marine research, WhaleNet is dedicated to interdisciplinary education. Our Goal is to foster excitement about learning and the environment. WhaleNet is a collaborative project of the biology departments at Wheelock and Simmons Colleges in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation and technical assistance from MuseNet-- the Multi-user Science Education Network.

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