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» AW's Sick Humour  
A funny site filled with sick humour that will throw you on the floor laughing

» Bob-O-Bean's Home  
A fun and uninformative site traveling in the mind of Reverand Bob

» Clown Education Online  
Learn what clowning is about, as well as resources in becoming a clown.

» David Letterman Top Ten Site  
Of the thousands of jokes generated each day for the Top Ten List, Dave can use only, well, ten. But many of the also-rans are funny too. And we all get to feel good about ourselves because.....

» Funny Words  
Read a new funny word daily and submit your own funny words. Humor columnists featured as well.

» leeds cartoons  
anti man utd animations hate man u love this

» RowJoeJoeJoe's Coffee House  
A wonderful coffee house filled with many songs that you'll love to sing along to.

» The Emperor's Washing Line  
A look at the solied underwear beneath the Emperor's new clothes.....

» The Y5B Bug - Year 5 Billion  
A spoof on the y2k problem



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