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  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian -a great source of information
  • - Best search engines on the Internet
  • Chat Links by Encyberpedia - Huge list of chat sites available on the internet about all types of subjects.
  • Academy of Achievement-Red, Hot & New - brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century. It is an amazing collection, not of mere artifacts, but of people and ideas that fill you with inspiration, encouragement, and the will to achieve.
  • Canadian Encyclopedia - reference work now on CD-ROM.
  • Chemistry Encyclopedia Index of Educational Documents
  • CollegeNET is an online guide to colleges, universities, and graduate programs. In addition to information on college admissions, there are interesting educational lists, links to academic resources, and online applications. CollegeNET also has the most comprehensive set of links to school homepages available on the Web.
  • World Educational Links -New- Internet links to Colleges and Universities around the world.
  • Comptons New Media - a leading developer, publisher and distributor of interactive multimedia software, including the top-selling Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia.
  • CIA World FactbookSearch the CIA Factbook, and get great information on the political and economic situation outside the U.S.
  • Consumer World- has gathered over 1400 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet.
  • Encyclopaedia of the Orient- It covers all countries and cultures of North Africa and the Middle East and their highest priority is to deal with every people, culture and religion with the highest possible respect, without ever straining the truth.
  • Financial Encyclopedia- -Welcome to the world's only interactive Financial Encyclopaedia. This encyclopaedia is designed to be used in conjunction with our Guide to Management and Technology and our other Finance information bases.
  • FAQ Finder- In case you don't know, a FAQ is a document with answers to frequently asked questions about a particular subject. Click on the appropriate category to find the FAQ you are looking for. If you want to add a FAQ to the database, press 'Add' below. Enjoy the site!
  • Virtual Garden Encyberpedia-Looking for a plant, tree or shrub? This searchable database contains almost 3,000 species selected for general use in North American horticultural practice.
  • Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia Encyclopedia-Assistive Technology Audio Recording: History and Development BASIC Cable modem Cable TV: Advanced Technology Computers: History and Development Crime on the Internet Cyber Sleuthing Online Gaming Personal Computers: History and Development The Phonograph Photography: History and Development Printing: History and Development Virtual Reality.
  • KidSurf - Catch a wave to Teen related shores and visit Teen E-Zines! Pointing the way to fun learning sites in Math, Science, English, Art Sign and read our guestbook and make a suggestion Surf the latest movies, TV shows, and Music Hits Meet the KidSurf Crew, Sign up to Surf, Online Safety and Specials Follow your favorite sports team and play online games! Ride your Surfboard to Church and Faith related sites Search for surfing sites with your favorite Surfboard Engines Check out our cool links to other sites on the web! Find out about the leading Internet filter! Download the FREE (7 day) trial version now! KidSurf supports the SafeSurf rating system to protect kids and teens online
  • Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia An online encyclopedia for kids, created by Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
  • Packed with practical, useful information, this is a worthy bookmark. Welcome to the ability utility, where you can learn the stuff that makes life easier and/or more interesting. You'll find in-depth "2torials" on a wide variety of tasks and topics: everything from the essentials of life to the esoteric, from the practical to the just plain fun. Happy learning!
  • Major Airline Disasters--These statistics relate to major commercial airlines from 1920 to 1996. The reasons for the incident or crash are listed as those reported at the time of the incident. The reasons given may not correctly reflect the actual cause identified following full investigations. Data for the entries has been collected from a variety of sources including newspaper articles, chronicles, news agencies etc. The database is by no means complete and may have some inaccuracies.
  • Media Encyberpedia-- This site is designed as an index of campus and professional media resources. It is devoted specifically to the world of print journalism, and can be seen as the middleman in your quest for information. This site has more links to newspapers online than any other, yet is arranged in an easily navigable fashion.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica Covers mythology, folklore, mysticism, and more.
  • John's Nautical Links- This site includes information on Boat Builders Boatbuilding & Repair Boatbuilding Tools & Supplies Boat Dealers & Brokers Boat Design Software Boat Manufacturers Boat Plans, Kits & Designers Books & Booksellers Canals Canoes & Kayaks Coast Guards Commercial Fishing Commercial Shipping & Shipbuilding Cruising Diving Electric Boats Events Ferries Goods & Services Government Hardware & Equipment Interesting Vessels Lighthouses & Lightships Link Lists Magazines Maritime Academies Modeling Motorboats, Motors & Mechanicals Multihulls Nautical History & Museums Navies Pictures Sailboat Racing & Classes Sailing Ships Seamanship & Navigation Sea Scouts & Sea Cadets Sport Fishing Vikings Yacht & Boating Clubs and more.
  • Panic Encyclopedia, The - guide to the postmodern scene
  • McClelland & Stewart Inc. - publishers of the Canadian Encyclopedia Plus.
  • Study WEB-Red Hot & New- was created to provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of research-quality information via the Internet. Links to educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and other education related sites are provided. A categorized web center designed to help students and teachers quickly identify and access useful information on the internet. The also sell computers.
  • alt.culture - Encyclopedia of '90s youth culture has grunge, gangsta, indie rock and film, cyberpunk, street fashion, extreme sports, political correctness, & zines.
  • The World Travel Guide Online- a comprehensive and objective guide to the travellers' world, and has been designed to answer all the questions you will ever need to ask with speed, confidence and authority. Every country in the world (even Antarctica) is presented in a detailed and highly structured format for ease of use. This is the Internet's version of the best selling World Travel Guide which has long been recognised by travel professionals worldwide as the ultimate destination guide.

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