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The Alternative Dictionaries An experimental collaborative net project to put together slang dictionaries for several dozen languages.

American Sign Language Dictionary

Dictionary of Anime Anime is the name given to a particular style of Japanese animation. This defines terms used to describe anime as well as various random terms.

Biographical Dictionary Biographical information on over 18,000 people from ancient times to the present.

Biotechnology Dictionary Definitions of terms associated mainly with genetics and biochemistry but also with general biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine.

Birdwatcher's Dictionary

Bookbinding and Book Conservation Dictionary

Glossary of Botanical Terms - This glossary currently contains over 1,600 terms relating to botany and horticulture.

Cawdrey's Table Alphabetical Dictionary

Dictionary of Cell Biology

Climbing Dictionary Definitions of American and English climbing terms and translations of those terms to other languages.

Dictionaries of Computer/Internet, Science, Technological, Business, Sports, Religion Acronyms and General information.

Darmok Dictionary Darmok is a language spoken by the Darmok race in an episode of "Star Trek: The New Generation". The language is based on illusional rather than literal meanings. This is a list of the phrases in the episode along with their more literal translations.

Dictionary of Feudal Terms of England

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Dictionary

Dictionary of the Gods A glossary of the gods, monsters and other entities of the subgenus mythos.

New Hacker's Dictionary

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary More than 2500 Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible", a book published in the late 1800s.

An Index of On-Line Dictionaries -Red Hot & New- including Afrikaans Akkadian Albanian Algerian Arabic ASL Avestan Basque Belorussian Bengalis Breton Chechen Cherokee Chinese Cispa Czech Danish Demonh'ka Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Finnish French Gaelic Galician Gamilaraay German Gilbertese Greek Guarani Halaka Hawaiian Hebrew Hmong Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Interlingua Italian Japanese Klamath Klingon Korean Latin Lithuanian Malay Manx Maori Miskitu Mayan Nauruan Navajo Norwegian Occitan Ojibwe Polish Portuguese Potawatomi Rasta Romanian Russian Seneca Sanskrit Serbocroatian Sign Language Slovak Slovene Somali Spanish Sranan Sumerian Swahili Swedish Tamil Tibetan Tswana Turkish Ulwa Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Xhosa Zulu Multilingual Dictionaries

Specialized Dictionaries

Legal Dictionary Legal words defined "in plain language" by the World Wide Legal Information Association.

LOGOS Dictionary A multilingual dictionary with more than 3 million words and various search features.

Medical Term Dictionary Multilingual glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European languages.

Mushroom Dictionary

Opera Dictionary

OneLook Dictionaries-NEW-There are a number of good dictionaries on the Internet. However, a person sometimes needs to look at several before finding the word they seek and the definitions in that dictionary may not give them quite what they need so they go on to look for the word in other dictionaries as well. This page is intended to make the above process quick and painless. The purpose is to encourage people to use Internet glossaries and dictionaries.

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Peoples First Names and What They Mean- Red Hot and New-Ever wonder what the meaning of your name is? Having a baby and need a name? Here is the place for you

Rap Dictionary

Poker Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary A searchable (but not browsable) list of rhyming words. Enter a word and it will find others that rhyme.

Skeptic's Dictionary

Merriam-Websters's Collegiate DictionaryThe WWWebster Dictionary



Glossary of Accelerator Physics Terms

Aquatic Plant Glossary

Astronomy Glossary Glossary of technical terms and proper names

ATM Glossary

Audio/Video Glossary

Bioenergy Glossary A compendium of over 600 technical terms associated with Bioenergy technologies.

Glossary of Botanical Name Roots

Glossary of Business Computer Terms

Carbon Dioxide and Climates Glossary

Clean Air Act Glossary

Cosmos in a Computer Glossary

Cryptography Glossary

Glossary on Cybernetics and Systems Theory

Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words by Addictions & Life Organization

Glossary of Economic Terms for Journalists

Family History Glossary

Faulkner Glossary Brief definitions, descriptions, and additional information about the major characters, places, and other events in William Faulkner's fiction.

Flora of Australia Glossary

Food Lover's Glossary

Geographer's Craft Glossary

Godling's Glossary Subtitled "A Devilish Dictionary of Travesties for Transhumans".

Graph Theory Glossary

Glossary of Hardboiled Detective Slang

Hearing Help Glossary

Historical Glossary

Glossary of Investment Terms

HTML Glossary


Islamic Terminology Glossary

Glossary of Kant's Technical Terms

Glossary of Literary Criticism

Glossary of Satellite Terms

Glossary of Microscopy and Microanalytical Terms

NetGlos The multilingual glossary of Internet terminology.

Glossary of Oceanography and the Related Geosciences with References

Plants-Database of Chemicals Database of Trees Glossary of Shrubs, Vines and Groundcover Glossary of Color and Bedding Plants.

Glossary of Frequently Misused or Misunderstood Physics Terms

Glossary of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Terms

GLOSSARY OF POETIC TERMS - A glossary of poetic terms including many examples, related links and phonetic pronunciation guides for the tough ones.

Real Analysis Glossary Part of an on-line, interactive textbook for real analysis or advanced calculus in one real variable.

Glossary of Remote Sensing Terminology

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

Sexual and Gender Identify Glossary

Shakespearian Glossary

Social Science Computing and Data Terms Glossary

Glossary of Solar Terrestrial Terms

Synthetic Pleasures Glossary

Systematic Glossary Glossary of terms commonly occurring in zoological taxonomic literature.

3D Graphics and Modelling Glossary

Timber Glossary Terms used in forest engineering and timber harvesting.

Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Glossary

Unwinding the Clockwork Universe Glossary

Virtual Hyperglossary A collaborative virtual project to provide a distributed set of glossaries on the Web.

Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts

Water Quality Association (WQA) Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Water Resource Terms

Water Quality and Waste Management-This fact sheet provides definitions of commonly used water quality and waste management terms. Many of these terms are described in greater detail in publications available from your County Extension Center.

Weather Glossaries -Reference Materials Radar Meteorology Glossary (MIT) , Storm Spotters Glossary of Weather Terms (NOAA), and Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Glossary (USA Today).

Glossary of Zoological Nomenclature



International Financial Encyclopedia

The Free Internet Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Frobozzica

Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation

Kidopedia A global children's encyclopedia written "by kids for kids".

Encyclopedia of Percussion

Perseus Encyclopedia

Shi'ite Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Women's History


ECHO - EuroDicautom - translates words or abbreviations from one of the European languages into several target languages.





Indonesian (Gopher)

Latin (Word List)




Slovak (Gopher)


Swahili (Gopher)

Urdu (Gopher)

ARTFL Project

Computing Dictionary

English-Estonian Dictionary

English Finnish Dictionary

English-Hungarian Dictionary

English-to-Spanish Dictionary

English/Russian Dictionary

Hypertext Webster Interface

Indonesian/English Dictionary

Japanese/English Dictionary

Links to Other Dictionaries and to Thesauri

ARTFL Project: ROGET Form

BABEL: Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing Internet and Unix Dictionary

New Hacker's Dictionary

Roget's Thesaurus


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