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by Encyberpedia tm
Encyberpedia's Broadband News dedicated to
publishing information about telecommunications.

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  • Angel Technologies at Broadband.com
  • 21st Centrury Wireless Group Inc.
  • 360 Communications
  • A+ Network Inc.
  • Aerial Communications Inc.
  • Airmail Communications
  • AirTouch Communications Inc.
  • Aliant Coommunicactions
  • Alltel
  • Alltel Corp.
  • American Mobile Satellite Corporation Skysite Communications was created to bring the exciting new mobile satellite communications technology, or MSAT as it is called, to market. Skysite can best be described as "the phone company" for the newly launched MSAT series of communications satellites. Our key strengths lie in a commitment to customer service, coupled with state-of-the-art satellite communications technology.
  • American Paging
  • Ameritech Corp.
  • Ardis Co.
  • AT&T Corp.
  • AT&T Wireless Services Inc.
  • American Portable Telecom GSM service provider for five markets including Tampa, Houston, and Minneapolis.
  • AU-System The leading independent supplier of SIM card personalization systems and Over-The-Air SIM Management products.
  • Aerospace Consulting Aerospace Consulting provides rf, microwave, and wireless design, development, simulation, and prototyping services. Other services include circuit board design and layout using P-CAD.
  • AIRplex Cordless Modems A new category of PCMCIA 28.8 modems have been developed which are similar to conventional modems but require no cord to connect to the telephone line. The idea is to permit you to use your notebook freely without being tied to your desk. They also permit multiple users in an office to easily share an analog telephone line. New wireless technology (AIRplex) is used which permits use of these modems in every room in a large building without mutual interference.
  • AirTouch Cellular Around the world, demand for wireless communications is on the rise as more people everywhere discover the benefits of wireless services for business and personal uses. AirTouch Communications, Inc. has emerged as a global leader in this dynamic, fast-growing industry, and at the end of June 1996 had 6.3 million proportionate customers worldwide.
  • Alice WorldView Alice Inc.: Web-based-real-time GPS [a first!], extreme data compression, Virtual Reality sites built to specs, and a super & sumptuous banquet at Alice's restaurant -- with hotlinks to similar and affiliated sites, freebies, Supermodels, Art, Commercial Art. Alice is transporting 3-d graphics in real-time wireless environs.
  • ARDIS ARDIS operates the first and largest nationwide wireless data network enabling in-building and on-street data communications between mobile workers using notebook computers, personal digital assistants or hand-held terminals, and host computers. The ARDIS network serves the top 410 metro areas in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and covers more than 80 percent of the population and 90 percent of the business activity in the United States. The service enables executives and mobile workers to access their corporate information systems or to communicate instantaneously with their peers from virtually any location.
  • Aviator Based on serial bus technology, Momentum Microsystems has developed the Aviator, an RF wireless personal area network that can not only act as a peer to peer network, but is also designed for peripheral communications. The module retails for $129 ($99 street), making it the cheapest wireless network around. It is ideal for homes, home offices, and small offices that want to share files and printers.
  • Bell South Cellular Corp. Bell South Cellular Corp. companies, American Cellular Communications Corporation (ACC) and Bell South Mobility Inc (BMI), provide wireless communications services to more than 3.5 million customers in 216 cities in 15 states. Bell South Mobility operations in 7 southeastern states. ACC markets operate under a variety of names in Alabama, California, Hawaii, Mississippi and Texas and as Cellular One in Illinois, Indiana, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • BCE Inc.
  • Bell Atlantic Corp.
  • Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile
  • BellSouth Cellular Corp.
  • BellSouth Corp.
  • BellSouth Mobility DCS
  • BTI
  • Bell South Mobility DCS Just started service in the Carolinas.
  • BellSouth Mobile Data Website for company with investments in 6 Mobitex (mobile data) operations worldwide. Overview technology, global service availability, provider hotlinks.
  • Breeze Wireless Communications Inc. BreezeCOM develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, standards-based wireless local-area network (LAN) products. BreezeCOM products use license-free, spread-spectrum radio technology in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.
  • Cable & Wireless plc
  • Cantel
  • Cellular One Group
  • CFW Communications Co.
  • Clearnet Communications Inc.
  • Comcast Cellular Communications Inc.
  • CommNet Cellular Inc.
  • ComTec International
  • Cincinnati Microwave CDPD modems.
  • Data TeleMark Data TeleMark has developed a unique technology to carry ISDN Basic Rate Interfaces wireless via satellites, radio waves or laser. Any existing wireless link is upgradable to any type of ISDN worldwide.
  • Digital's Products
  • Europolitan
  • Ericsson Ericsson's 85,000 employees are active in more than 100 countries. Their combined expertise in switching, radio and networking makes Ericsson a world leader in telecommunications. They are one of the leaders in GSM Technology including the leading PCS standard PCS1900 in the United States.
  • France Telecom
  • Freespace Interbuilding Links SilCom designs and manufactures high-performance network-connectivity solutions. Products include the Freespace family of high-speed wireless links, hubs, MAUs, repeaters, adapter cards and network-management software. In addition, SilCom provides advanced transceivers and ASIC solutions to leading manufacturers of network equipment.
  • Glenayre Electronics Our current project is two-way messaging, for many of the NPCS Auction winners. We also beep about 85% of the pagers in North America.
  • GTE Corp.
  • GTE Mobilenet The Cellular Home Page by GTE Mobilnet Florida is an on-line encyclopedia of information regarding cellular, wireless data, telecommunications and related services, as well as technical information, media releases and customer service options. The site is also a hub for Florida related web links and a twisted little game called HackerX, in which you must thwart the plans of demented cyber-terrorist.
  • Hellyer Communications Inc.
  • Harris & Associates provide a broad range of consulting services to wireless telecommunications companies. Services include strategic planning, market valuations, performance evaluations, capital raising and assessment of management information systems. Phone: 609-354-9054 Fax: 609-354-2109 or send email to Mr. Harris at harris@snj.com or just click here. Please let Mr. Harris know you found out about him from Encyberpedia.
  • Harris Semiconductor / PRISM Describes the PRISM Wireless LAN chipset.
  • Hiperlan/Netplan Hiperlan is a coming ETSI standard for 20 Mbit/sec wireless LANS at 15,7 GHz. Torben Rune at Netplan was Project Team Leader of PT41, the ETSI project team responsible for defining Hiperlan. Netplan is a danish consultant company in the field of tele and datacommunications. On our Web server you find articles among others about wireless computing. We contribute to the ITU Telecom 95 with a paper on Wireless LANs. The paper is also on our Web server.
  • Intellicomm
  • IBM Mobile and Wireless Solutions IBM now specializes in reliable solutions for wireless communications. These exciting wireless solutions offer the flexibility of roaming inside and outside your workplace without the inconveniences of wires and cables. IBM supports both your small networks and your wide-ranging business activities. IBM products include: Wireless Modems for ARDIS, Mobitex, and Cellular/CDPD, plus Wireless LAN and LAN Entry adapters.
  • Inet, Inc. Inet is dedicated to providing easy-to-use, innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry and wireless data users. Our products include protocol converters, testing and monitoring systems, SS7 network optimization platforms, and CDPD wireless modems.
  • InfoManager Service InfoManager provides information and connectivity services for mobile professionals. The easy-to-use Windows client offers e-mail, persona
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