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Law and Legal Information




Administrative Law

Advertising Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • American Arbitration Association - Comprehensive resource on alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and arbitration. Includes statutes, rules, scholarly articles and other information.
  • Turk Settlements Company - We specialize in structured settlements, saving money for the claimant and the company by the purchase of an annuity. It's the professional way to settle a claim.

Bankruptcy Law

Civil Rights / Human Rights

Commercial / Business Law

  • Center for Corporate Law - Univ. of Cincinnati College of Law - Information to assist lawyers in the practice of corporate and securities law, including text of federal securities law and rules and forms.
  • Lender Liability - maintained by Gerald Blanchard, author of the three volume legal treatise entitled "Lender Liability: Law, Practice and Prevention". The site features pages containing an overview of the law of lender liability, a commentary on its present state, a current Hot Topic and links to other law and legal related pages.
  • Trade Law Library - Internet sites for Law, Economics and Commerce.
  • Uniform Commercial Code (adopted with some variations in all 50 fifty states)

Communication Law

Computer/Internet/Multimedia Law

Constitutional Law

Court Rules

Criminal Justice

  • Anatomy of a Murder-Red, Hot & New-A Trip Through Our Nation's Legal Justice System. As its title suggests, the site teaches you about U.S. law by telling the story of a murder and subsequent trial. Each chapter of the fictional (but accurate) tale is accompanied by a related "fact sheet" where you'll learn about such matters as the hierarchy of a police force, how to conduct a homicide investigation, the process of awaiting trial, the steps of the trial itself, and more. Also included is an overview of the United States Judicial System, a glossary of legal terms and brief outlines of landmark Supreme Court cases.
  • Prison Law Page - Prison Law, particularly related to California state prisoners. Includes case law updates, pending legislation, a prison law primer, dictionary, and extensive links to criminal justice sites.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation This civil libertarian watch-dog group keeps abreast of Cyber Liberties

Critical Legal Studies

Disability-Related Legal Resources

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center - Provides copies of Americans with Disabilities Act statute, regulations, and tech sheets which have been reviewed by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or U.S. Department of Justice. Provides links to other Internet legal or disability-related sites.

Economics - Law and Economics

Entertainment Law

Environmental Law

Ethics and Rules - Legal and Judicial


Family Law

  • Divorce Helpline Web Center - Resources on divorce including a Short Course about the divorce process and directory of attorneys, mediators, papralegals, self-help divorce professionals and other resources for the divorcing family.
  • Family Law Advisor - On-line Family Law Advisor newsletter. Interactive bulletin board, child support worksheet, and search engine Pertinent legislation and misc. documents for research.

General Reference

  • ABANetwork The American Bar Association
  • FindLaw. A site of legal resources based on a searchable full text database of law journals on the Internet. All law reviews on the Internet are searchable at once. Database updated automatically each night.
  • Chicago-Kent's Guide to Legal Resources - extensive private-sector no-charge legal content provider with all sorts of material including a legal dictionary/encyclopedia, court rules, case transcripts,and legal humor.
  • Case Law Research This is the place to come to do online case law research. In order to use this you will have to enter your username as "guest" and your password as "opinion") It is cumbersome at first, but the commands are similar, at least in concept, to those in Westlaw.
  • American Law Sources Online ALSO! One of the best source for legal. This site has extensive links to state and federal sources, journals, and the like.
  • World Wide Legal Information Association-Red Hot & New-This web site should be looked upon as a sort of (eventually) unlimited resource of legal information, covering each state in the world, and supported by members, sponsors and patrons, from both the legal community and the general public. It will be both professional and complete but also as extensive as possible, as an ever-enlarging web, that it will converge upon a point in the forseeable future where it will become the Internet World Wide Web source for accurate and useful legal information for the general public; legal information that is instant and contemporary and that also meets or exceeds the quality standards of the legal profession.

Health/Medical Law

Immigration Law

Intellectual Property / Patents

International Commerce


  • American Philosophical Association - includes APA Electronic Bulletin Board (gopher); Web Sites with Philosophical Content; Conferences; Societies, Institutes, Centers and Departments; Software for Philosophers; Guides to Philosophy on the Internet; Publishers; Libraries, Collections and other Reference Materials.
  • BEARS - a new article review service in moral and political philosophy, edited by James Dreier and David Estlund at Brown University.

Legal Research and Writing

  • Basic Legal Citation
  • Law Reaserch.com - A research tool for Lawyers or Business or Corporate use. Includes "SEARCH FORMS - OPINIONS & LEGISLATION"
  • Quo Jure Corporation - Commercial organization providing legal writing and research services to practicing attorneys. Site includes a variety of examples of legal writing in various subject areas.
  • Wisconsin Public Domain Citation System - Cornell's Legal Information Institute has placed a hypertext version of the important Wisconsin Citation Proposal on its WWW server. (In this version the Wired Magazine article in the report's appendix is available via hypertext link.)

Maritime / Admiralty Law

  • Maritime and Oceanic Law Center - A new web-site operated by the University of Nantes (France), which includes several pages about maritime and Oceanic Law: A Law review: Neptunus, A Forum, some maritime links, Law courses, publications links and much more.

Public Policy

  • Rand - RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve public policy through research and analysis.

Securities Law

Sports Law

Tax Law

U.S. Government

Legislative Resources - Statutes

  • U.S. Code - from Cornell Law School.
  • GPO Access - Current databases include: the Federal Register from 1994 to the present (the 1995 Federal Register database is updated daily by 6 a.m. with the full text of each days publication); the Congressional Record and the Congressional Record Index from 1994 to present; the United States Code; History of Bills; Congressional Bill Index from the 103rd Congress to the present; the Regulatory Agenda; and several other databases.
  • U.S. Congress WWW Server - Thomas - includes full-text of all House and Senate bills from the current Congress, full-text of the Congressional Quarterly, C-SPAN Gopher, and much more.

Judicial Branch Resources - Case Law

  • Federal Case Law - U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Courts.
  • U.S. Federal Courts - The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts has announced the availability of a WWW homepage for the federal court system. Initially, the site will offer press releases and introductory information regarding the court system. Of note, the site includes an excellent Directory of Electronic Public Access Services providing information for automated access to U.S. federal court information and records.

Executive Branch Resources

  • White House WorldWideWeb Server - The server contains information on: Executive Branch, First Family, Tours, What's New (including NII Progress Report, New Federal Agency, Internet Services, Al Gore's favorite political cartoons), Publications (including press releases, briefings, speeches, executive orders, Congressional testimony, results of a 2/94 survey about who uses their Publications), Comments.
  • FedWorld - provided by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) provides a central location for locating and ordering U.S. Government information. Access to dozens of government agencies is provided here. This is one of the best locations to find Federal government information of a wide variety. There are also FedWorld FTP and Telnet locations.
  • GPO Access

Government Law Libraries

Utilities Law

  • Public Utility Home Page - by Scott J. Rubin, contains references of interest to those who practice Public Utility Law (electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water) or who need to deal with issues relating to the utility industry.

Women in the Law

Other Legal Sites

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