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  • through 15,000 biographies of notable personalities from antiquity to the present. Check out video clips from A&E's Biography series or challenge your mind with a biography anagram game. is full of creatively entertaining content. A terrific site with lots of information!
  • Notable Citizens of Planet Earth- A searchable biographical dictionary with over 18,000 entries for rich, famous, and historically relevant figures. Each listing in the dictionary includes variants of the person's name, their occupation, and the major dates in that person's life.
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame--This is the on-line version of our book about the National Inventors Hall of Fame. It allows you to do an electronic search on inventors in the hall of fame and their inventions.
  • The Nobel Prize Internet Archive- - Welcome to the Nobel Prize Internet Archive! You can click on any Nobel category (literature, physics, chemistry, peace, economics, or physiology & medicine) to see an annotated, hyperlinked list of all Nobel laureates in that category.

People and Places

  • PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD-Links to information about different people and cultures around the world. Another Encyberpedia 5 star site!
  • Encyclopedia Mythica- an on-line encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, mysticism, and more.
  • Geopedia® On-line Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economy. A good resource!
  • CAPITALS.COM-Links to information about capitals around the world.
  • Encyberpedia's Maps and Geography-  The largest and most complete map website on the Internet with maps of the United States of America, US State maps, USCity maps, US Regional Maps, World Maps, Foreign Countries, Foreign Countries - City Maps, Interactive Maps,Java Interactive Maps, VRML Interactive Maps, Animations, Historical Maps, Exhibits/Collections, and more!!!
  • Pig's Eye's Notepad - An historical encyclopedia of the persons and places in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) from its beginnings in 1830 until its incorporation in 1850.
  • Guide to the Great Sioux Nation Includes an Overview, Milestones, Landmarks and Legends, Artifacts, Art, Powwows, Points of Interest, and the different tribes.
  • Date and Time Gateway - This current time to major cities around the world.
  • World Population Information - Including the World POP Clock and the World Population Profile: 1996 is the latest published compendium and analysis of data on population, fertility, mortality, contraceptive use and related demographic topics by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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