WARNING: We Strongly recommend not doing business with Smitty's Building Supply in Fairfax, Virginia due to poor business conduct.  To file a complaint with Fairfax County, Click Here To file a complaint with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, Click here.

Below is a Letter we sent sent to Fairfax County.


Dear Wil Slaughter,

FYI, below is a summary of events as I recall them.  Since this is so much different than Smitty's email response to the city, I felt the need to respond.  In addition, I have attached the copies of the first 3 proposals we received from Smitty's, which based on their email to the City of Fairfax, they had never seen or chose to ignore. 

My wife and I went to Chantilly showroom on June 7th.  We met with your salesman, Sean Donavan.  We asked about the fiberglass windows, which we read about in Consumers Report.  He said they are better than vinyl and gave a ballpark figure would be about $600/window. 

He came by our house on Monday, June 9th for measurements and counts.  I asked him for a proposal for all of our windows in our house and one for 2 rooms which consisted of six windows.

1. The first bid written bid received from Smitty's Building Supply on June 9, 2008 was supposed to be for all of our windows.  When I ask the salesperson how many windows that included, he said 37.  I told him we have around 50 windows. 

He then came back for a recount (His revised bid is item 3 below). 

When he came back for a recount, I asked him to include the windows in the attic.  When he was going in the attic, my wife warned to only step on the support beams.  Unfortunately, he stepped on the drywall on the ceiling and went through.   He was very apologetic and said he would take care of getting it fixed.

By the way, the total cost per window on this bid was $755 ( $27,927.39 / 37 Windows)

2. The second written bid received from Smitty's Building Supply on June 10, 2008 was for 6 windows.  The total cost per windows was $746 ( $4477.26 / 6 Windows).  The summary pages are shown below:

3.  The third bid I received from Smitty's was a corrected bid from Sean for all of our windows that came to $676 per window ($36,519 / 54 Windows).  Due to my discomfort with the previous proposals from Sean, and since he stepped on the drywall with walking thought the attic (which he was warned only to step on the support beams when in the attic), I decided to call Ryan Directly.  When I was talking to Ryan on the phone, he informed me that Sean was no longer working for the company.

4. The last bid I received from Smitty's (Ryan Rogers) shows windows and other products.  When Ryan came to our house on June 18th and I pointed out the place where Sean stepped through the ceiling.  Ryan said he would get back to me on this.  Based on this proposal and a conversation with Ryan, the cost per window was now around $1000/per window.

This is when I got irritated.  What started at $600 per window in the showroom was now costing closer to $1000 per window.   Since I never heard back from Smitty's regarding the damage to our ceiling, I filed a complaint with the city of Fairfax. 

I have since had communications with Gary Natovitz regarding a proposal for replacing our windows.  However, we have not agreed on the resolution to the damage to our ceiling caused by Smitty's salesperson.

Best Regards,


The people at Smitty's deny taking responsibility for the damage to our ceiling.  This is total nonsense and I will never do business with this company and recommend others do the same.