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Establishing an Internet presence for your organization can be one of the most important steps you take. There are hundreds of ways to do it and it is our goal to make sure you do it right.

Why should your organization have a Web site?

With an estimated market of over 50 million people (and growing at a very rapid rate), the World Wide Web is much more than just another form of advertisement, it is a marketing tool that can be designed for any or all of the following purposes:

Why choose Adgrafix as your Web space provider?

Commitment. Adgrafix is made up of a team of Unix and CGI programmers, Web designers, Marketing professionals, and thousands of Account Executives, all working together to continue to provide our clients with the best Internet presence available. We are continually upgrading our software and hardware for our customers. Assurance. At Adgrafix, we do not require any long term contracts. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with our servers, and if for any reason you are not, you can cancel your service at any time. You can see what some of our customers have to say about us by visiting our Happy Customers page.
Support. We have one of the most comprehensive and extensive support areas on the Net. Our Customers Only area consists of FAQ's, manuals, help files, bulletin boards, troubleshooting guides, Internet marketing advice, plus much more. Our sales / support staff is easily accessible via e-mail and telephone 24 hours a day, everyday. As a customer of ours, we see to it that your questions do not go unanswered. Technology. Web servers are incredibly powerful tools that can be used in a number of ways to benefit your organization. We have developed software that comes pre-installed on all our virtual servers. It allows the users to take full advantage of the advanced features of these servers without requiring a background in programming or even computers.

If you would like to find out more about the Adgrafix Corporation, see our "About Adgrafix" page.

Introducing the Adgrafix Web Site Manager

Version 4.4 released 07/28/97!

The Web Site Manager is user-friendly software for easy Web site management that comes pre-installed on all of our virtual servers and works on any computer platform. It allows our clients complete and total access to their server and Web page files where they can perform a host of administrative tasks at any time. Unlike other software, it is fully accessible via the Web, meaning as long as you have access to the Web, you have full access to your virtual server.

The Web Site Managereliminates the need for complicated UNIX, Telnet and FTP sessions by simplifying UNIX server configurations with easy-to-understand Windows-like commands. Using the Web Site Manager is as easy as using a bank machine.

  • Create Directories
  • Read and Send Mail
  • Upload Files
  • Edit Web Pages
  • View Statistics
  • Download FTP Files
  • Create E-mail Aliases
  • Create Bulletin Boards
  • Create Auto Responders
  • Create POP Accounts
  • Password Protect Directories
  • Set up Passwords for Users
  • Check Available Server Space
  • Send Mailings
  • Create CGI Scripts
  • Debug Perl Scripts
  • Restore Backed up Files
  • Import/Export Databases
  • and more

Listed below are several options that were designed to fit the needs of any size organization. To get more detail on any feature, click on the icon.

Option 1... 10 Megabyte Virtual Web Server

Option 1 is a great place to start for those just "testing" the Internet. You get full access to your server files at all times plus the reliability of 24 hour-a-day global exposure to your information and your own domain name.

Your Own Domain Name (www.yourcompany.com)
 Full TELNET and FTP Access to your Server
Web Based E-mail Client
Spam Blocker
 Your Own POP Account and up to 5 Custom Aliases
Customizable Error Messages
Microsoft Frontpage™ 2.0 Server Extensions Available
Support of Virtual Hosting
 Full Publishing Support via Netscape Navigator Gold™
Incorporate your Own CGI Scripts
 Java Support
 Instant Access to All your Daily Backed up Server Files
 Fast, Reliable T3 Technology
Adgrafix Web Site Manager Software
 Up to 1 GIGABYTE (1024 Megabytes) of Data Transfer per DAY!
Perl Script Debugger
Forms / CGI Scripts Included

Assistance with Web Site Design and Programming Available
Free Listing in Over 25 of the Internet's Most Popular Directories
SSL Encryption for Secure Transactions Available! (extra charge)
Unlimited Technical Support via Phone, Fax, or E-mail 24 Hours a Day, Everyday!
 Additional Storage Available at $1.50 per meg, per month

only $39 per month with a $79 one-time setup

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[ Place an Order ][ Frequently Asked Questions ][ Option 1 WSM Product Demo ]

Option 2... 25 Megabyte Virtual Web and POP Server

Option 2 is a fully functional virtual Web and POP server that has added features and CGI scripts. This option is perfect for any business just starting to build an Internet presence.

Option 2 includes Option 1 features Plus

 The Most Detailed and User-Friendly Web Site Statistic Reporting on the Net!
Full support of RealAudio™ files
 Full support of RealVideo™ files
 Unlimited E-mail Aliases (alias@yourcompany.com)
Unlimited POP Accounts
 Unlimited Password Protected Directories
Web Page Spell Checker
 Additional Storage Available at $1.00 per Meg, per Month

only $59 per month with a $79 one-time setup

[ See Full Details ][  ] [ Become a Reseller ]

[ Place an Order ][ Frequently Asked Questions ][ Option 2 WSM Product Demo ]

Option 3... a 50 megabyte Virtual Web, FTP and POP Server

Option 3 is our best selling server option. It is loaded with options that will allow you to have one of the most powerful and interactive sites on the Internet. Option 3 is our fully functional award winning virtual server.

Option 3 includes Options 1 and 2 features Plus

only $99 per month with a $79 one-time setup

[ See Full Details ][ Web Quotation Form ] [ Become a Reseller ]

[ Place an Order ][ Frequently Asked Questions ][ Option 3 WSM Product Demo ]

Option 4... 100 Megabyte Multi-user Virtual Web, FTP and POP Server

Option 4 is perfect for the Web designer looking to host many Web sites or any business wanting to allow users access to their individual user directories. Now, with our virtual hosting feature, option 4 is very similar to having full access your own dedicated server! Option 4 is the perfect business opportunity of the 21st century!

Option 4 includes Options 1,2 and 3 features Plus

only $199 per month with a $79 one-time setup

[ See Full Details ][ Web Quotation Form ] [ Become a Reseller ]

[ Place an Order ][ Frequently Asked Questions ][ Option 4 WSM Product Demo ]

Option 5... Dedicated Virtual Server with Multi-user Virtual Web, FTP and POP Server

For users with serious virtual server needs, we offer the dedicated virtual server. The term "dedicated" means that you will be the only user on your machine. You will have root access to the machine and the freedom to install and compile just about any software/ultilities on the Net today.

Option 5 includes

only $599 per month with a $1000 one-time setup

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[ Place an Order ][ Dedicated Server Frequently Asked Questions ]

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Independent Adgrafix Account Executive:

Bob Kerstein
3647 Elderberry Place
Fairfax, Virginia 22033
Tel: 703-855-6559, Fax: 703-904-0878
E-mail: bkerstein@adgrafix.com

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