In February 1996, Bob Kerstein founded  EncyberpediaTM  and Windows2000TM, both award winning Internet portal reference informational websites.  He is also the founder of  Scripophily.com - which specializes in historic stock and bond certificates, Sick.com - Medical reference information, HappyTrails.com - Search Engines, Womb.com - Pregnancy Information Site, StreetMap.com - Worldwide Map Resources, Voltage.com - Website Hosting, Twisters.com - Weather Information, Yule.com - Christmas Holiday Information  and other Internet portal informational Sites. 

Mr. Kerstein is a technology entrepreneur and industry veteran with more than 20 years experience in the communications and entertainment industries including Cellular, Satellite Communications, Internet Development, Cable TV, Motion Pictures and Professional Sports. 

Our objective is quite simple says Mr.Kerstein "We will help foster free education and information throughout the world using various electronic mediums in an easy to use and enjoyable way. The Internet is a powerful education tool, and we should take full advantage of this wonderful learning and sharing opportunity."    Encyberpedia and its affiliates is our small contribution of trying to help others help themselves."

Bob is also one of the founders in 1995 of Angel Technologies (Broadband.com) and is serving as a Board Member, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Senior positions held by Kerstein include Senior Vice President and Cellular Chief Financial Officer at McCaw Cellular Corporation (Now AT&T Wireless), Chief Financial Officer at American Mobile Satellite Corporation (NASDAQ:SKYC), Chief Financial Officer at Falcon Cable TV  Director of Financial Reporting at Warner Brothers and Chief Information Officer and founder of Orcabay.com at Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment (owners of the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies). 

He and his wife Susana, own the Historic Monte Cristo Gold Mine in the Angeles National Forest and Monte Cristo Antiques in Falls Church, Virginia. 

Some of the recognition received on Kerstein's websites include:

  • USA Today Hot Site Award

  • PC Computing top 1001 Web Sties in the World

  • U.K. Daily Telegraph Best Site Award

  • Lycos top 5% Award

  • Articles in various Newspapers and TV Broadcasts including USA Today, Charlotte Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, Discovery Channel, Houston Chronicle, Pittsburgh TV Station, Mr. Media, and many more.

Bob is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  He started his career at Arthur Young (now Ernst and Young) in their Beverly Hills Office after graduating from California State University Long Beach in 1976.

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