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Federal Reserve Bank Beige Book this report is published eight times per year. Each Federal Reserve Bank gathers anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District through reports from Bank and Branch directors and interviews with key businessmen, economists, market experts, and other sources. The Beige Book summarizes this information by District and sector. Federal Reserve Banks

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  • AAII The American Association of Individual Investors is a national organization 170,000 members, whose objective is increasing investment returns

  • Astrologers Fund, Inc. "Always A Stellar Performance!"

  • Australian Stock Exchange "To provide, for the benefit of all participants, the most internationally competitive and fair market for financial securities and derivatives so as to enhance Australia's position as a regional financial center"

  • Barra Barra provides innovative analytical models, software and services enabling clients worldwide to make superior investment and trading decisions

  • Business Week On-line-Red Hot & New-Business executives are already aware of its invaluable contents, but what you may not have been aware of is that they're all on-line and featuring far more than the print version ever could. You'll also find MAVEN, an interactive computer hardware rating/pricing service, daily business news briefs.

  • Center for Elliott Wave Analysis

  • Charles Schwab & Co At Schwab, we help people make -- and implement -- informed investing decisions. We're here to provide the right tools, the right information and the right environment to help you take control of your own financial future.

  • CMS Internet Finance Catalogue Listed on this site are over 800 titles from leading publishers in a number of areas, including telecommunications, computing, pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, energy, legal, media and construction.

  • CompaniesOnline [Searchable] Created in partnership by Dun & Bradstreet and Lycos, CompaniesOnline is a new search engine/database which furnishes data on 60,000+ private/publicly owned companies. You can search by: Company name, a lengthy listing of industries, ticker symbol or URL. Where applicable each result includes: Websites, industry, line of business, phone & DUNS numbers, and other pertinent information.

  • Cyber Stocks Is a content-rich news magazine which focuses strictly on companies poised to make a profit on the Internet. Take a browse through these pages and you'll find the very latest financial news on digital TV, why Apple has been so busy lately, why America On-line is getting Excited and all the details on Infoseek's new Network.

  • Data Broadcasting Corporation-red hot & new- Provides information to stock quotes futures mutual funds options news business commodity financial finance exchange NYSE NASDAQ CBOT CME COMEX fundamental annual company ticker realtime businesswire reuters marketguide dow money portfolio portfolios stocks quote newsroom exchanges charts quotrek signal remote on-line market data wall street foreign trade trading DBC Edgar sports marketwatch real-time index indexes DOW Jones.

  • Dun & Bradstreet Information Services Discover the benefits of being part of the D&B information base.

  • U.S. Census Bureau Economic Indicators -New- This Census Bureau site provides major statistics about U.S. businesses, housing, farms, other business indicators and governments. This is a good source of Government Information that seems to impact the stock and bond markets.

  • Ethical Business A directory of ethical and environmental business and investment.

  • E-Trade Superior technology equals low commissions.

  • Essays on Economics and the Stock Market Department of Economics University at Albany

  • Economics Network-Red Hot & New-If you're looking for user-friendly yet comprehensive financial data, you'll want to drop in to Dr. Yardeni's, a site he hopes will become your #1 source for economic and financial information You'll find what he calls the world first and most comprehensive Chart Room, a link filled with thousands of charts (naturally) on stocks, bonds, currencies and more. There's also sections on Economic indicators, Topical Studies and links to other financial resources on the Internet.

  • SEC EDGAR Database Listing of Public financial information including Initial Public Offerings (IPO'S)

  • Fidelity Investments This World Wide Web server is part of our continuing effort to provide you with the information you need to make informed investment decisions.

  • Herring.com-New- is a content-rich web site containing business information for technology and entertainment entrepreneurs. The on-line home of The Red Herring Magazine, herring.com provides the complete, searchable archives of The Red Herring Magazine, live stock quotes, continuous updates on The HerringŐs Tech 250 and New Tech 100 indices, and daily news feeds from the best sources in the digital universe.

  • Home of the H$H Investment Club Our Investment Objective is buying Fundamentally Sound Nasdaq stocks priced at $1.25 and below.

  • Inc. 500 - Instantly recognizable, Inc. magazine's annual list of America's fastest growing private companies may now be browsed on-line. Inside you'll find Inc.'s premier interactive 1996 edition which also happens to be fully searchable, browsable by ball winners, or simply a list of those winners with Web sites.

  • Insider Information "The best there is in computerized price forecasting"(sm)

  • Institute for Banking and Finance Institute of Finance and Banking at the University of Göttingen

  • The Internationalist: The Center for International Business Information

  • International Financial Encyclopedia Welcome to the world's only interactive Financial Encyclopaedia.

  • InterQuoteInterQuote(sm) is the world's most affordable source of continuously updating real-time and delayed market information. InterQuote provides information on stocks, options, indices, funds, and futures from most U.S. and Canadian exchanges.

  • Investment Forecasts for Stocks and Mutual Funds The purpose of this site is to demonstrate that forecasting accuracy can be consistently higher than 60% using financial engineering, a new field of engineering forecasting theory.

  • Investment Research We hope to provide individual investors with actionable investment information about stocks, commodities, technical analysis, and profitable investing.

  • InvestQuest®-Red Hot & New- is an interactive service providing comprehensive information about selected public companies to specific segments of the investment community and to individual investors. The Invest Quest site gives you complete information on over 10,000 stocks currently traded. You can find out detailed financial information including: a corporate profile, management, annual reports, product information and much more. This is a very comprehensive site for a person considering investing or someone who already owns stocks. You can even join an eMail mailing list for each individual company listed

  • InvestorWEB InvestorWEB provides information to investors via the World Wide Web and electronic mail. It assists companies in publishing their message, and provides a clearinghouse for WWW users to locate and browse company financial information.

  • IPO Data IPO Data Systems is the premier provider of comprehensive, descriptive data on Initial Public Offerings of common stock underwritten and offered in the United States.

  • Kiplinger Online The Kiplinger organization, founded in 1920, is the preeminent provider of personal finance and business forecasting guidance in the United State

  • MoneyLine Corp The first Internet service to provide real-time information on U.S. capital markets.

  • National Federation of Independent Business Designed solely to assist small businesses, NFIB's official site offers a free daily business workshop, tips on how to start a business of your own, and a searchable marketplace full of products and services most suitable for -you guessed it - small businesses. Additionally, you'll find daily business and policy news along with a wealth of on-line forums discussing such things as recent workshops and small business happenings.

  • NATC Here you'll find all the information you need to know about the National Association of Investors Corporation, and its services for individual investors and investment clubs.

  • Prognose Zirkel Zurich The PZZ - Hypertext Journal provides information on advanced analysis and forecasting tools and on knowledge processing systems for financial markets

  • SEC EDGAR zipped files Search & retrieve SEC EDGAR documents in zipped format for fast web downloading. Fast search for all 10K, 10Q, 13F documents by company or money manager.

  • Securities Class Action Clearinghouse This exceptional resource is designed to assist investors in finding out if a stock company they've invested in has any class-action securities fraud suits pending. Thanks to Stanford Law School you can browse a large supply of investigative materials including full-text Federal Securities Fraud Class Action Complaints, summaries of the same, briefs and pleadings, docket sheets, settlement related documents, the full text of 1995's Private Securities Litigation Reform and *much* more.

  • Silicon Investor This site is dedicated to high tech stocks.

  • SMT The Society of Market Technicians (SMT) is a non-profit [501(c)], volunteer, educational organization dedicated to the study of technical analysis of the financial markets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, and options.

  • STAT-USA/Internet Site Economic, Trade, Business Information STAT-USA/Internet is a subscription service of STAT-USA, U.S. Department of Commerce. To access the information, you must purchase a User ID and Password.

  • STENDAHL Report a combination of investment-related articles and financial information. This web site is designed to educate investors and traders alike on the finer points of "real world" investing.

  • StockCenter StockTracker works for you in the background getting stock prices while you use your computer for other work.

  • Stock-line.com-Red Hot & New- is a good source of information on small-cap/ micro-cap stocks and IPO's with Exclusive interviews from the leaders of America's most dynamic emerging-growth companies, Interviews with some of the Street's most influential analysts and fund managers, Exclusive listings of Reg.D 504 and Reg.A offerings, # 1 Spot for rumors, whispers and opinions and source for the best Wall St. research on small-cap stocks.

  • Swiss Investment Marketplace Learn why, for centuries, Switzerland has been the Second Financial Home to the world. SWISS INVESTMENT MARKETPLACE gives you instant access to Swiss and global Financial Advantages you can find nowhere else.

  • Stock Market Timing Stock Market Timing is a weekly evaluation of the U. S. Securities markets from the technical perspective. It is the leading market commentary and advisory on the Internet.

  • The TRADERS Corner "The Traders Corner" provides a traders information service for the aggressive investor. Our specialty is small-cap, high-growth stocks, primarily on the Nasdaq exchange.

  • The Short Term Stock Selector FREE - Short term stock selections generated by our neural networks. Buy and sell recommendations are posted at noon central time each market day. A complete up-to-date history of all trades is maintained at our site. Stop by and see if our neural networks know their stuff!

  • The TradeRivers Company-New-The virtual gathering place for agri-business and outstanding innovative products - Our Farm and Ranch Business Center is tuned to the commodity markets you watch. We bring you current USDA reports, the Agricultural Outlook, Weather and much, much more! We are striving to be your all-in-one Ag resource!

  • Wall Street Online At Wall Street On-line, we are dedicated to providing you with access to the most accurate and up to date investment information. Sent daily via email, our services help you make profitable investment decisions by providing specific buy and sell recommendations coupled with the news and commentary to back it up. So, whether you trade stocks, stock options, indexes or futures, you'll find what you need right here at Wall Street On-line.

  • Windsor Financial Advisors Is it possible to generate annual returns of 30% - 40% by investing only in mutual funds?

  • ZACKS Analyst Watch As a service to both individual investors and to the brokerage industry Zacks maintains, on this site, a complete index to all current brokerage research reports produced by over 235 US and Canadian brokerage firms.

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